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Friday, November 15, 2019

Comparison between Laws And Religion.

Before Reading this Post you should know some Points:

  • Laws are different in everywhere but the original concept is equal in all over the world where you will go .

  • The Main concept of religion is :

      1. All world is our family .
      2. Respect every one either he agrees your concept or not.
      3. Love is only thing in this world which can conquer any thing.
      4. We should help everyone in their mean time.
      5. Any one is open to follow them no one is forced to follow the religion.
      6. Never hurt anyone : by saying lie .
      7. Truth is always bitter so accept that thing but if any Lie save the lives of thousand then that lie is equal to the truth .
      8. there are so many concept today i Will explain only few.

      • The Main concept of Law is :

        1. Every Concept of law is different for everyone or we can say it is changed person to person.
        2. Laws are Forced to follow.
        3. Anyone can change the law according to their is need .
        4. Religion is important to run the law.
        5. Any One can say the lie for their own need .
        6. In Front of law we can not say anything by our heart.
        7. we Follow Law because we Scare but we follow religion because we respect religion.

         No One is greater than religion because religion is practiced by your heart and religion doesn’t mean hindu ,muslim ,christian but religion means a concept of life which you want to follow like some peoples say they are the followers of Vedas but actually they are following their rules and also what they described to about life but on other hand some Peoples say that  they are the atheist they don’t follow  any one(gods or any great teacher they are only following their own rules ) but actually they are following the universal concept of life which is far different with the originality but initially they feel god they follow their rules sometime they remind god in the name of mother ,father or any person or any which they love and think they are important for him and love them they might fulfill their needs or help them any of the one problems which they face in their life or which is faced by them.
        But on the other hand laws are changeable as we can change laws according to us like polticians do and laws are only applicable for only middle class and low class not for high class as ex . in China there is a rule that rich can transfer their punishment by giving them a little amount of money. we follows because we scare to break them or we change the laws according to us for our profit 
        but religion is followed by our deep heart and we feel religion not laws .

        So Religion is great in my view but laws are necessary to run religion but without religion laws doesn’t means.

        May be i’m not completely able to described these greater things because if i start describe religion then my single life is not able complete whole the topic so i described such a great thing by a giving only few Point but these topics may vast and get more vast day by day and time by time  which is only described only your deep heart .

        if you want share your thoughts with us or you want to improve this article than you can contact us.

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