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Friday, November 29, 2019

Hyderabad veterinary doctor murder: Killers gained Priyanka Reddy's confidence before assaulting her

HYDERABAD: Did Priyanka Reddy’s killers first gain her confidence under the pretext of helping her and then trap and kill her?
Her last call with her sister Bhavya shows how unknown persons had confronted her from moving ahead citing that she will be in trouble due to her scooter’s flat tyre.

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In the call that lasted for six minutes 45 seconds, Priyanka was heard speaking normally, except when she said that she was feeling scared looking at the people who came to her aid.

Bhavya advised her to wait at the toll-plaza, but Priyanka refused saying it would be awkward to stand at the toll-plaza.
To which, Bhavya suggested to leave the scooter at the spot and come back home.

“I started my bike, but they started shouting from behind saying madam your tyre is flat and you cannot go ahead. Though I thought that I can get it repaired at the bus stand, they did not allow me to go ahead. They made me get down and sent a boy to repair it. But he also returned saying all shops were closed,” Priyanka told her sister Bhavya over the phone.

Bhavya said Priyanka last spoke to her at 9.22 pm and her phone was switched off around 9.44 pm.
After waiting for some time, they rushed to the toll-plaza to search for her.
Later they inquired at the shops, at the toll plaza and searched in the surrounding areas, and then lodged a police complaint when they could not locate her.

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