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Friday, November 29, 2019

In the Hyderabad murder cases, victims did not try to reach out to police

HYDERABAD: Two heinous incidents, a teenager sexually assaulted and brutally murdered by her alleged boyfriend at Warangal, and the murder of a veterinary doctor, Priyanka Reddy at Shadnagar, has once again raised concerns on the safety of women in the State. 
While a known person was involved in the first offence, two unknown offenders are believed to be involved in the murder of the young doctor.
Whether she was also sexually assaulted is still being probed. While woman safety is one aspect, both victims not making use of any response mechanisms available via different mediums with the Telangana police department, is the main concern. 

Despite the police with their several programmes and campaigns trying to reach out to people, these incidents indicate that their initiatives are not reaching every citizen.
Prima facie inquiries show that in both cases, the victims did not try to approach police in any way. 
Had the victims tried to approach the cops, chances were that they could have been saved. The chances of the same were more in Priyanka’s case.

According to a senior woman police official associated with the women safety wing of Telangana, if Priyanka had called 100 or raised an alarm over Hawk-Eye mobile app or even alerted through WhatsApp or Twitter, there were chances that she could have been saved.
According to her, unlike in the past, the response from police has improved and they are attending to all calls in less than ten minutes in city areas.
“It is high time, we educate people about the response systems available and how to avail their services,” said the official.

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