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Monday, November 18, 2019

Largest ever war happened in India

Largest ever war happened in India:

There are so many battles fought in India we know that india is a golden bird from it's early times every person wants money (assume ) or so many peoples have greed of both money and power there are so many wars are fought in all over the world for money and power .

Greed of Money makes a man evil - this is the second truth after the death War gives nothing but it takes to much from you, so many wars were fougth between different peoples in different times today we will discuss about the fight of Baharich which is the second largest battle of india  after mahabharath. This fight is only fought for greed of money and power this fight kills so many innocent hindustani peoples muslim terrosist invades so many times india just for their greeds and kill so many peoples many of you say that is the fight for invasion but that fight is only for grees this terrorist brutually raped so many innocent ladies and killed innocent childs .

Battle of Baharich 1033

The battle of Bahraich was fought between the Turkic invader Salar Masud Ghazni and a confederation of several Hindu kings led by Raja Suheldev in the 11th century.
The nephew of Mahmood Ghazni, known as Salar Masud Ghazni, invaded Bharat after occupying Gandhar with an army of more than 200,000 jihadis in may 1031 AD.
This time, the army was not a raiding party like that of Mahmud Ghazni who came with intention of raiding, looting and retreating with the loot to occupied region. They were backed by the imperial army and came here with the intention of permanent conquest in Bharat.

King Anandpal Shahi tried to check this Gazni advance towards heartland of Bharat . He was helped by King of Sialkot , Rai Arjun. But, this alliance was overwhelmed by superiority of numbers of Turkic army.
After defeating Anandpal Shahi and Rai Arjun, Masud advanced towards Malwa and Gujarat . King Mahipal Tomara tried to check their advance here but was defeated too.
After victories across North Bharat plains, Masud Ghazni settled at Bahraich near Lucknow . He stayed here up to mid 1033. Meanwhile, 17 Kings of North Bharat forged an alliance. This is the biggest confederation of that time.
They were Rai Raib, Rai Saib, Rai Arjun, Rai Bheekhan, Rai Kanak, Rai Kalyan, Rai Makaru, Rai Savaru, Rai Aran, Rai Birbal, Rai Jaypal, Rai Shreepal, Rai Harpal, Rai Hakru, Rai Prabhu, Rai Deo Narayan and Rai Narsinha. Raja Bhoj of Malwa also played an important role in providing resources and forming of the alliance. The head of this confederation was Raja Suheldev.

On June 12th 1033, as per Hindu traditions, Masud Ghazni was intimated by Vedic confederation that the land belonged to Hindus and Masud should evacuate these lands. Masud replied that all land belongs to Khuda and hence he would not retreat.

On 13th June, Morning, vedic army of about 120,000 descended on Ghazni camp of Bahraich. Masud's army was completely besieged and encircled. The battle continued for hours. In the end, each and every man in Masood's camp was killed.

More than 1 lakh jihadis were killed in the first charge itself
As the battle was lost by jihadis, they tried to run. They were chased by the soldiers and killed.

Maharaja Suheldev led the archers who showered death in form of deadly arrows.

The cavalary led by Parmar captains decimated the counter charge by the Masud’s jihadis.

No POW's were taken, no mercy was shown on the Turkic army. The location of this battle to be precise was near Chittaura Jheel, a lake about 8 KM away from modern Bahraich on Bahraich-Gond Road

All the defeated Hindu kings were restored, looted wealth given back and captive men, women, children freed.

The battle ended on 14th June with Victory of Raja Suheldev and his Hindu alliance.On the evening of 14 June 1033 AD,Sunday Salar Masud was beheaded by Raja Suheldev. The battle ended with Victory of Hindu alliance
Hundreds of Jihadis still left tried to attack Maharaja Suheldev but were cut down brutally by the Hindu forces.

The invasion was completely crushed and such resounding was this victory that none of the king from Northwest dared to invade Bharat for 160 years.

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