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Thursday, March 25, 2021

ZebPay Vs WazirX full Review

 Hey, guys today I will give you a review about Zebpay Vs WaxirX and Compare both platforms in terms of trading, payment settlements, coin availability, and many other aspects, ZebPay Vs Wazirx.

So Here we go let's start comparing First of all I will give you brief knowledge of both platforms Like they trade in cryptocurrency, they come in the top 5 in terms of cryptocurrency trading, they did more than million's of dollars crypto trading in a day, and both companies are very good image in Market.


Zebpay Vs WazirX

Zebpay Vs WazirX


This Trading Platform was founded in 2015, they're giving crypto trading services in more than 162 Countries with a huge customer base which is 3 million users. This Trading Platform is Registered as Zeb It service Pvt. Ltd. it is founded by 3 partners named Sandeep Goenka, Mahin Gupta, Saurabh Agrawal.

Now Let's Talk about Its Pros And Cons as usual.


1. Instant deposit is available.
2. Intraday is available with a 0.10% charge which is very low in the market.
3. Zero Crypto withdrawals fees For Inr Token.
4. You can trade as low as Rs. 100.
5. Vip membership available above 10 lakhs
6. Bank Transfer is available in 0 Fees.
7. Net banking is available at 1.77% a little bit costly.
8. Most Important part for in the name of bank verification they will give you 1 re a big mouth-watering amount right na.
9. USDT-INR trading and crypto-crypto fees are lower: just 0.10% for the maker, taker, and intraday.


1.Unlike other platforms they take a monthly maintenance fee of 275 rs if you do not trade for 1 month.
2. Zebpay also charges for UPI deposit which is more than the market rate it is around Rs 15. per deposit.
3.ID verification takes around 1 day and sometimes even more.
4. Limited number of Cryptocurrency is available on this platform.
5. Transaction charges are high in comparison to other platforms.
6. Upi deposit is not available on this day 24 march 21 if it available in the future we will update that thing.


WazirX Vs Zebpay

This Trading Platform was founded in 2017, they're giving crypto trading services is available in 180 Countries with a huge customer base which is 1 million users. This Trading Platform is Registered as Zanmai Labs Pvt. Ltd. Wazirx is a part of the international group Binance holding limited and its current Ceo is Nischal Shetty

Now Let's Talk about Its Pros And Cons as usual.

1.Quick Id Verification although in just 2 or 3 hours max.
2. If you pay through Wrx you will get a 50% discount in trading.
3. 2-factor authentication is available.
4. Multiple coins are available and you can buy cryptos in INR, USDT, WRX, BTC, p2p, and Stf.
5.You can trade from a Minminimum of 50rs in INR and for USDT is 2 dollars.
6. Instant deposit rate is Flat 5.9 Rs per deposit which is less than Zebpay.
7. Minimum deposit is just 100 rs.
8. Charts are updated in regular basis.
9. Crypto Wallet is available on this platform.

1.Withdrawals Rates are high Rs 10 per Imps transaction and rs 5 per Neft Transaction.
2. Upi deposit is not available.
3. No Membership is available like Zebpay

Some common points in both platforms are:
1. You can download trade reports from both platforms.
2. They both charge trade fees which are around 0.4% per trade. 
3. Crypto Coin Conversion available on both platforms.
4. They both support INR.
5. Referral Earnings is available on both platforms.


In my opinion, WaxirX is better than Zebpay but it depends on the person how they think I have written all pros and cons of both platforms.

For trading, I always choose WazirX above Zebpay.

if you need and information and assistance on cryptocurrency trading then you can contact me from the contact page.

Any edits are always welcomed if I'm missing any point please Let me know.

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